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Linear Fluorescent T5 Double Lighting System 24"Linear Fluorescent T5 Double Lighting System 24"Our price: £35.00View Linear canopies lighting systems are adjustable and water resistant.Linear Fluorescent T5 Single Lighting SystemLinear Fluorescent T5 Single Lighting SystemOur price: From £30.00View Description Designed to meet the lighting needs of most aquariums, the GLO T5 HO, Single Light High Output Linear Fluorescent Lighting System, fits a 1 x 24 W, 55 cm (22 in) T5 HO (High Output) bulb. Well engineered and made of quality materials, this aesthetically-designed unit exceeds global certification standards and delivers effective, safe and long-term performance.Product features include:- Built-in, high-efficiency parabolic reflector for maximum light reflection- Easy to install, integrated extension brackets for a variety of aquarium lengths- Integrated suspension tabs to install above aquarium- Compact size allows the use of multiple units for highlight applications- Water resistant- Compression-fit bulb- End caps for safe, reliable performance- Aquarium mounting brackets, allow 4 secure vertical light levelsThis highly-efficient lighting system enables reef aquarists and serious plant enthusiasts to provide the intense light levels required to support photosynthesis. Aquariums that do not contain live plants or corals can also enjoy the benefits of attractively-styled GLO T5 HO linear fluorescent lighting systems.For reef installations, even those that house stony corals can consider T5 HO as a primary lighting source, especially when considering the quantity of tank-raised specimens that are currently grown under fluorescent lighting.CO2-supplemented, planted aquariums will thrive under the immense light output generated by T5 HO, easily achievable when considering that four to six T5 HO bulbs can be installed over an 45 cm (18 in) wide aquarium.
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