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Equipment | Overflow boxes and kits

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Oceanlife overflow kitOceanlife overflow kitOur price: £115.00View With its extremely compact size and attractive design, the Oceanlife Overflow System fits seamlessly into the tank. For a given size of the tank, the animals will enjoy much more space. It is suitable for glasses from 8 to 20 mm without needs of changes. The pipes are in the back of the tank, facilitating maintenance and cleaning. The cleaning is very simple, just turn and remove the front grille, which can then be cleaned with ease and without having to stop the return pump.skimz OM2500 overflowskimz OM2500 overflowOur price: £64.50View Suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres in sizeTunze overflow box 1072Tunze overflow box 1072Our price: £100.05View TUNZE® overflow outlets with surface and bottom suction are an ideal solution for an unpressurised water supply below aquariums. The outlets remove only as much water as is pumped into the aquarium: About 50 per cent surface and 50 per cent bottom water. On account of the opaque construction, the units are almost maintenance-free and are ready for connection, but they are supplied without inlet and outlet pipes. Two outlet systems should be used in aquariums with more than 600 litres (158.5 USgal.). Overflow Box 1074/2 (1) for retrofit for up to a maximum of 1,200 l/h (317 USgal./h); requires no drillholes, and for this reason can be easily retrofitted in every aquarium. Even after an interruption of the recirculation pump, it will restart automatically. The U-shaped tube (2) between the two chambers does not require any additional ventilation as the water velocity passes the air bubbles in the pipe into the drain chamber (3) automatically. A minimum water flow rate of about 300 l/h (79 USgal./h) is required.. Water outlet diam. 40 mm (1.57 in.)
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