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Clown FishClown FishRRP: £10.49Our price: £8.99You save: £1.50 (14%)ViewWow!! for all you Nemo lovers this is the perfect ornament!!! It is bright and can either be used as an ornament or combined with an air pump (purchased separately) to give oxygen and movement in the water, making your aquarium look more alive.Coral Reef Archway 38cm.Coral Reef Archway 38cm.RRP: £59.99Our price: £39.99You save: £20.00 (33%)ViewThis beautiful bright resin ornament would look lovely in any aquarium.Faces Of The Lokeshvara Tower 18L X 10.4W X28.2cm HFaces Of The Lokeshvara Tower 18L X 10.4W X28.2cm HRRP: £20.99Our price: £15.99You save: £5.00 (24%)ViewFloating Lion FishFloating Lion FishRRP: £6.49Our price: £5.99You save: £0.50 (8%)ViewA lovely varied coloured Lion Fish that floats around your aquarium.
Floating RockFloating RockRRP: £7.76Our price: From £4.99You save: £2.77 (36%)ViewCreate a unique aquascape with these floating rocks. Simply attach to the bottom of the aquarium with the included suction cup. Very realistic.Floating Sea DragonFloating Sea DragonRRP: £5.99Our price: £5.49You save: £0.50 (8%)ViewA lovely ornament that floats about your aquarium keeping your fish entertained,Available in:Floating SeahorseFloating SeahorseRRP: £5.99Our price: £5.49You save: £0.50 (8%)ViewAvailable in three colours Green, Red, and Yellow. Floats about your aquarium.Available in:Mr. Stingray and Friends.Mr. Stingray and Friends.RRP: £11.59Our price: £10.00You save: £1.59 (14%)ViewMr. Stingray and Friends when used with an air pump (purchased separately) gives much needed oxygen to your aquarium, or use it solely as a very pleasant decoration.
nature rocknature rockRRP: £15.99Our price: From £12.99You save: £3.00 (19%)View Princess castle with bubble streamPrincess castle with bubble streamRRP: £16.99Our price: £12.99You save: £4.00 (24%)Viewrock mountain with plantsrock mountain with plantsRRP: £41.99Our price: £29.99You save: £12.00 (29%)View
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