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Aqua Nano 40Aqua Nano 40RRP: £199.99Our price: From £169.99You save: £30.00 (15%)View Volume 55L Available in:Aqua Nano 60Aqua Nano 60RRP: £299.99Our price: From £269.99You save: £30.00 (10%)View Energy efficient LED lighting, discreet integrated back filter and heater included. Available in:Aqua Start 320Aqua Start 320RRP: £89.99Our price: £79.99You save: £10.00 (11%)View The one, the only, the original small bowfront aquarium! Still as popular as ever, a best selling little aquarium. Available in:Aqua Vue 380Aqua Vue 380RRP: £89.99Our price: £69.99You save: £20.00 (22%)View 28L
Aqua Vue 480Aqua Vue 480RRP: £125.99Our price: £104.99You save: £21.00 (17%)View Bowfront aquarium with rounded corners at the front to eliminate the need for silicone lines. Complete with filter and led lightingArc 46Arc 46Our price: £129.99View Aquaone Arc 46 is very modern with a vertical bow front. It comes with back filtration, led lighting and a dimmable touch pad with a blue light to give you moonlight for evenings.Betta SantuaryBetta SantuaryOur price: £74.99View The 10 litre Betta Sanctuary fish tank (22x22x26cm) comes complete with energy efficient lighting with white and blue LED, a built in compact cartridg filtration system and 25W preset heater. Available in:Betta TrioBetta TrioOur price: £135.00View The perfect set up to keep a Betta.
CubesCubesOur price: From £39.99View These awesome tanks are fantastic for aquascaping or small nano aquariums!Dynamic 58 Extra TallDynamic 58 Extra TallOur price: £125.00View This aquarium is striking with a pendant led lamp that can be adjusted . The Dynamic is 65 litres and comes with filtration and lighting.Edge  46ltrEdge 46ltrRRP: £289.99Our price: £189.99You save: £100.00 (34%)View Fluval EDGE aquarium set includes: - Fluval EDGE 46 L (12 US gal), 6-sided closed top glass aquarium - Led light with true to nature lighting- EDGE Clip-On Power Filter - convenient hood with quick access feeding doorAvailable in:Edge aquariumEdge aquariumRRP: £209.99Our price: £140.00You save: £69.99 (33%)ViewThe aquarium is versatile in any home; with a gentle flow from the filter and a warm glow from the lighting that produces a shimmering effect. The equipment module hides and holds the essential equipment allowing uninterrupted views. The aquarium is 23 litres. Available in white or black.Available in:
Evo seaEvo seaRRP: £184.99Our price: £143.99You save: £41.00 (22%)View Don't let its size fool you. Evo packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size, but is small enough to fit on any desk or counter top.Flex 57ltrFlex 57ltrRRP: £195.00Our price: £155.00You save: £40.00 (21%)View Complete with filter and Led lights with Remote control giving you complete flexabilty over your lightingAvailable in:Fluval Flex 34 litreFluval Flex 34 litreRRP: £139.99Our price: From £106.99You save: £33.00 (24%)View 7500K LED lamp supports plant growth and enhances fish colors Fully adjustable White + RGB LEDs for endless color blends FLEXPad remote can also control fun special effects (i.e. fading cloud cover, lightning bolts) Powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality Oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon) and biological (Biomax) media included Multi-directional dual outputs for customized water flow Hidden rear filter compartment Stylish honeycomb wrap conceals water line and sides of rear compartment Easy feed top cover opening Bold curved front design  Available in:Fluval Flex StandFluval Flex StandRRP: £104.99Our price: £89.99You save: £15.00 (14%)ViewAvailable in:
Focus 23Focus 23Our price: £76.99View The new Focus aquarium range comes complete with a bright LED light, removable lid and internal filtration. Platform 21Platform 21Our price: £99.99ViewThis aquarium has been designed to give a floating effect over the base. it comes complete with a removable glass lid to help prevent fish jumping and evaporation. Complete with 2 stage filtration and white and blue led lighting which can be set seperately.
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