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cube 20cube 20Our price: £239.00View Evo seaEvo seaRRP: £184.99Our price: £143.99You save: £41.00 (22%)View Don't let its size fool you. Evo packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size, but is small enough to fit on any desk or counter top.Frag 105.4Frag 105.4Our price: £1599.00View Available in:Frag 85.3Frag 85.3Our price: £1399.00View The Waterbox FRAG systems are an industry first. The FRAG series provides advanced hobbyists a way create the ultimate shallow reef aquarium. The FRAG height is 16” compared to the typical 21-24”.Available in:
Mini Reef 120Mini Reef 120RRP: £834.99Our price: £581.96You save: £253.03 (30%)View The mini reef 120 comes with a corner weir making it excellent for aqua scaping!Available in:mini reef 90mini reef 90RRP: £661.98Our price: £452.98You save: £209.00 (32%)View 90ltrs dimensions 45cmx45cmx45xcmAvailable in:Opus 300 g2 prolineOpus 300 g2 prolineOur price: £1699.00View Key Features Nyos® OPUS®G2Available in:Opus 300 g2 slimlineOpus 300 g2 slimlineOur price: £1399.00View The Opus 300 aquarium fits neatly inside the cabinet giving a very modern finish complete soft closing push fitting doors. The cabinet is moulded finish no building! and available in basalt grey or white. Inside the cabinet the sump is housed with excellent design features including built in filter sock holder which allows the filter sock to be lifted out with one figure if you want, no more fighting with sliding sections or sock brackets. The input and return sections also strong and very durable lids to aid in the amount of condensation from the sump. The aquarium itself has a back weir meaning there is no weir in the aquarium, which means no more designing your aquascape around your weir box!. All pipe work is included which literally just screw together. Available in:
Reef 100.3Reef 100.3Our price: £1699.00View Available in:Reef 130.4Reef 130.4Our price: £2199.00View Waterbox REEF systems provide hobbyist a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox REEF system is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same.Available in:Reefsys 180 *6 colours availableReefsys 180 *6 colours availableOur price: From £769.99View 6 Colours to choose fromAvailable in:Reefsys 255 * 6 colours availableReefsys 255 * 6 colours availableRRP: £1099.00Our price: From £989.99You save: £109.01 (10%)View The reefsys aquariums are the game changer for reef tanks, with the vast choice of 6 different colours of cabinets you will not be stuck on picking a colour and they have soft closing doors! Available in:
Reefsys 326 *6 colours availableReefsys 326 *6 colours availableRRP: £1279.00Our price: From £1178.00You save: £101.00 (8%)View Available in:Reefsys 434 * 6 colours availableReefsys 434 * 6 colours availableRRP: £1829.00Our price: From £1709.99You save: £119.01 (7%)View Available in:
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