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AquaReef 195 series 2AquaReef 195 series 2RRP: £1299.98Our price: £899.98You save: £400.00 (31%)View Available in:AquaReef 300 series 2AquaReef 300 series 2RRP: £1779.98Our price: £1245.00You save: £534.98 (30%)View AquaReefAvailable in:AquaReef 400 series 2AquaReef 400 series 2RRP: £2168.98Our price: £1515.00You save: £653.98 (30%)View AquaReefAvailable in:aquastar 63 marineaquastar 63 marineRRP: £359.99Our price: £299.99You save: £60.00 (17%)View An ideal marine kit for beginners 63L Available in:
Clear ReefClear ReefRRP: £749.00Our price: From £645.00You save: £104.00 (14%)ViewThe clear reef is a range of reef aquarium with contemporay designAvailable in:CoralCoralOur price: From £485.00ViewThe Coral range of marine aquariums have a timeless design that provides a deep aquarium space for impressive marine displays. Coral aquariums come complete with cabinet and sump and benefit from a pre-fitted overflow weir in the main tank. The cabinet has a double door cupboard with soft close hinges and can be finished in a range of modern colours to complement your home. The aquariums also feature a matching pelmet that not only frames your display, but conceals the bracer bars allowing for the discrete use of condensation trays.*Edgeline Marine 900Edgeline Marine 900RRP: £575.00Our price: £475.00You save: £100.00 (17%)View EvoEvoRRP: £179.99Our price: £135.00You save: £44.99 (25%)View Don't let its size fool you. Evo packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size, but is small enough to fit on any desk or counter top.
Mini Reef 120Mini Reef 120RRP: £834.99Our price: £579.99You save: £255.00 (31%)View The mini reef 120 comes with a corner weir making it excellent for aqua scaping!Available in:Mini Reef 180Mini Reef 180RRP: £895.00Our price: £734.99You save: £160.01 (18%)View The stunning Aqua One MiniReef 180 promises a sleek and stylish design, fused with the brand's state-of-the-art tank equipment. The aquarium comes with a superb glass sump filtration system, housing the Moray circulation pump, a G216 protein skimmer for unbeatable water clarity, and heater .The MiniReef provides everything needed for a complete hassle-free set up in the home.Available in:mini reef 90mini reef 90RRP: £661.98Our price: From £445.00You save: £216.98 (33%)View 90ltrs dimensions 45cmx45cmx45xcmAvailable in:PrestigePrestigeOur price: From £795.00ViewSteel frame with removable panels, so you can get into the sump from all angles and change the colour of the base when you re decorate!
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