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2 Ship Halves2 Ship HalvesRRP: £59.99Our price: £43.50You save: £16.49 (27%)View Fantastic ornament which you can position any way you want.3 Tube Pyramid Pipes3 Tube Pyramid PipesOur price: £5.99View These fantastic pipes are ideal for shrimps, and catfish (9 x 9 x 8)cmBarnacleBarnacleOur price: £8.99View Very natural ornament for any aquarium. Driftwood Root 38 x 21 x 29 cmDriftwood Root 38 x 21 x 29 cmRRP: £41.50Our price: £29.99You save: £11.51 (28%)View Lovely natural ornament allowing your fish places to swim through.
Galleon 38 x13 x14 cmGalleon 38 x13 x14 cmRRP: £24.99Our price: £18.99You save: £6.00 (24%)View Perfect addition to your aquarium for decoration and supplying cover for shy fish.Grey Rockscape 56 x 24 x27Grey Rockscape 56 x 24 x27RRP: £64.99Our price: £46.99You save: £18.00 (28%)ViewBeautiful ornament for landscaping your aquriumHelicopter  41 x 22 x 19 cmHelicopter 41 x 22 x 19 cmRRP: £34.99Our price: £25.50You save: £9.49 (27%)View This helicopter is the perfect centre piece for your aquarium.Japanese Arch 51 x 8 x 37 cmJapanese Arch 51 x 8 x 37 cmRRP: £30.99Our price: £22.50You save: £8.49 (27%)ViewThis ornament is simply stunning!!!
LionfishLionfishRRP: £4.50Our price: £3.50You save: £1.00 (22%)Viewuitable for coldwater, saltwater & tropical aquariums• Incredibly detailed and imitative• Floating air-filled lionfish• Moves around the aquarium using filtration current• Harmless to all fish• Glowing effect when used with UV lightsAttach suction cup to the aquarium base, coverwith gravel/substrate. Unravel clear thread to desiredheight of lionfish. Magical Ice CastleMagical Ice CastleOur price: £12.49View This pretty little castle looks like it came from a winter wonderland.Ornate Teapot 15 x12 x11 cmOrnate Teapot 15 x12 x11 cmRRP: £11.50Our price: £8.50You save: £3.00 (26%)View LOVE this ornament also lets fish swim through or hide when they want to.Rock with Moss 17 x 15 x 21 cmRock with Moss 17 x 15 x 21 cmRRP: £15.99Our price: £11.99You save: £4.00 (25%)View lovely ornament for scaping
Rockscape 34x23x30 cmRockscape 34x23x30 cmRRP: £66.50Our price: £49.99You save: £16.51 (25%)ViewDescription:These rockscape pieces are designed to be used on their own or as a mix and match . The kits are really successful but sometimes you need more or less pieces so this ticks all of the boxes .Stone Fence 28.8 x 8.2 x 6 cmStone Fence 28.8 x 8.2 x 6 cmRRP: £7.99Our price: £5.99You save: £2.00 (25%)View Perfect for terracing your aquarium.
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