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13" resin ocean rock aquarium decoration13" resin ocean rock aquarium decorationRRP: £37.08Our price: £27.50You save: £9.58 (26%)ViewThe perfect ornament for those wanting to use ocean rock but who can't use ocean rock due to it's raising ph abilities- also great for those that don't want extra weight in the aquarium7" pagoda house aquarium decoration7" pagoda house aquarium decorationRRP: £36.99Our price: £27.50You save: £9.49 (26%)ViewVery popular poly resin ornament giving you a ZEN look in your aquarium.9.5" Arizona rock aquarium decoration9.5" Arizona rock aquarium decorationRRP: £20.99Our price: £16.50You save: £4.49 (21%)ViewThe most popular ornament we stock, made from poly resin which is hand made and hand painted using non toxic paints.Bonsai ClimberBonsai ClimberRRP: £12.55Our price: £9.25You save: £3.30 (26%)ViewPerfect for the smaller aquarium or bi-orb allowing your fish some cover and a place to swim through.
Bonzai on rocksBonzai on rocksRRP: £29.99Our price: £21.50You save: £8.49 (28%)ViewPretty, delicate looking rock/plant formation, can be used in aquariums or bi-orbs.Castle RuinCastle RuinRRP: £18.95Our price: £13.95You save: £5.00 (26%)ViewPoly resin castle ruin lovely in a normal aquarium, or bi-orb, perfect for hiding heaters or tubes.Cobbled ChimneyCobbled ChimneyRRP: £20.65Our price: £15.25You save: £5.40 (26%)ViewAttractive poly resin ornament, gives your fish a place to chill out away from others, also good for hiding unwanted look of heaters ect. and tubes in aquariums and orbs.CoralCoralRRP: £18.95Our price: £13.95You save: £5.00 (26%)ViewReally pretty poly resin ornament would look lovely in any aquarium, or again in a bi-orb.
Coral GardenCoral GardenRRP: £10.99Our price: £7.99You save: £3.00 (27%)ViewPretty bright ornament which will enhance any aquarium, can also fit bi-orbs.Coral on LavaCoral on LavaRRP: £27.25Our price: £19.99You save: £7.26 (27%)ViewThis is a natural but bright ornament, very popular with all size aquariums and the bigger bi-orbs.Coral SkullCoral SkullRRP: £17.95Our price: £13.25You save: £4.70 (26%)ViewThis ornament is absolutely fab. It allows the fish to swim through, looks bright and you can add an air pump (not included) to give bubbles coming out the holes. A Fantastic very very popular ornament.Coral with Plants on RockCoral with Plants on RockRRP: £10.95Our price: £7.99You save: £2.96 (27%)ViewLovely poly resin addition to your aquarium giving an aquascape look, while beig bright and attractive.
Cracked Skull 8"Cracked Skull 8"RRP: £16.99Our price: £12.99You save: £4.00 (24%)ViewA brilliant poly resin ornament, just what you need for your fish to swim through maybe not for the faint hearted though.Cubic HabitatCubic HabitatOur price: From £9.99ViewA place for your fish to swim through, hide, or live. In a very pleasant eye catching design perfect for any aquarium.Driftwood and PlantsDriftwood and PlantsRRP: £22.25Our price: £16.95You save: £5.30 (24%)ViewA lovely wood effect poly resin ornament ideal for baby/small fish , plecs or catfish to have as a hideaway.Driftwood ColumnDriftwood ColumnRRP: £22.75Our price: £16.99You save: £5.76 (25%)ViewReally lovely poly resin ornament, looks like wood but of course unlike wood it will not lower your p.h. Ideal ornament for baby/small fish to hide in, or a hideaway for plecs / catfish. Perfect addition for your aquarium or bi-orb.
Driftwood PinnacleDriftwood PinnacleRRP: £27.99Our price: £18.99You save: £9.00 (32%)ViewVery natural planted pinnacle, great as an aquascape decoration or hideaway.Driftwood/PlantsDriftwood/PlantsRRP: £38.99Our price: £28.50You save: £10.49 (27%)ViewBeautiful poly resin hand made and hand painted with non toxic paints from Classic.Fleuorescent OrnamentsFleuorescent OrnamentsRRP: £7.99Our price: £5.99You save: £2.00 (25%)ViewThese are by far the most popular ornaments for all ages, and have never dated.Greek ruin aquarium decoration round 7"Greek ruin aquarium decoration round 7"RRP: £17.75Our price: £12.99You save: £4.76 (27%)ViewA lovely ornament which can be use either in your aquarium or a Bi-orb.
Jars with Plants and AirJars with Plants and AirRRP: £11.99Our price: £8.99You save: £3.00 (25%)ViewVery popular pretty ornament which when attached to an air pump (purchased separately) throws up lovely air bubbles and makes it looks like sunken treasure.Large Coral GardenLarge Coral GardenRRP: £20.85Our price: £15.50You save: £5.35 (26%)ViewThis is one of the most pretty corals I have ever seen. It is a lovely shade of purpleLarge GalleonLarge GalleonRRP: £26.50Our price: £19.50You save: £7.00 (26%)ViewA lovely hand made, hand painted (with non toxic paint) very detailed 310mm ornament which will enhance your aquarium.Large Lava Rock with Plants and AirLarge Lava Rock with Plants and AirRRP: £34.00Our price: £17.55You save: £16.45 (48%)ViewVery attractive hand painted ornament with colour and hideaways .Gives height to your aquarium.
Medium GalleonMedium GalleonRRP: £17.50Our price: £12.50You save: £5.00 (29%)ViewA lovely poly resin, hand made and hand painted (with non toxic paints) ornament with beautiful detail.No FishingNo FishingRRP: £11.99Our price: £8.45You save: £3.54 (30%)ViewPretty ornament for aquarium or a bi-orb, it has little flowers and leaves hand painted on it.Oriental TowerOriental TowerRRP: £7.25Our price: £5.25You save: £2.00 (28%)ViewThis very pretty ornament goes nicely with the rest of the Zen collection, which can all be bought separately giving your aquarium a nice theme to it.Rock Treasure and PlantsRock Treasure and PlantsRRP: £24.99Our price: £18.25You save: £6.74 (27%)ViewOne of our favourite Classic ornaments, it has colour but is very natural looking
Rocky Arch Garden TallRocky Arch Garden TallRRP: £50.25Our price: £36.99You save: £13.26 (26%)ViewThis is a fabulous poly resin ornament which can either be an ornament or when used with an air pump (purchased separately) gives extra oxygen making your aquarium more alive.Rocky LedgeRocky LedgeRRP: £16.99Our price: £12.25You save: £4.74 (28%)ViewExactly what it is named, a rocky ledge, fish love it and so do most of our customers.Rocky Rope BridgeRocky Rope BridgeRRP: £17.25Our price: £12.99You save: £4.26 (25%)ViewPretty rope bridge allowing your fish to swim through it. A hand painted, hand made poly resin ornament with lovely detail.Roman Columns with air 6 1/2"Roman Columns with air 6 1/2"RRP: £2050.00Our price: £15.50You save: £2034.50 (99%)ViewVery popular poly resin ornament which can be teamed up with any other plants/ornaments or another Roman/Greek ornament from the same range to keep that theme in your aquarium. Again it has the facilities to work with an airpump. 
Roman Square Column 9"Roman Square Column 9"RRP: £21.95Our price: £16.25You save: £5.70 (26%)ViewA lovely Polyresin, hand made, hand painted (with non toxic paint) ornament.Roman TowerRoman TowerRRP: £27.95Our price: £19.99You save: £7.96 (28%)ViewA lovely poly resin ornament hand made and hand painted with care using non toxic paints. Roman Tower/AirRoman Tower/AirRRP: £35.50Our price: £26.25You save: £9.25 (26%)ViewAnother Roman ornament from the Roman range of ornaments from Classic, who are renowned for their vast selection of poly resin, hand made, hand painted ornaments (they only use non toxic paints so you know your fish are safe) Sandstone Arch with Plants and AirSandstone Arch with Plants and AirRRP: £23.25Our price: £17.25You save: £6.00 (26%)ViewLovely sandstone look ornament from classic can be used as an ornament or use an air pump (not included) to give bubbles in your aquarium.
Sandstone ColumnSandstone ColumnRRP: £12.75Our price: £9.25You save: £3.50 (27%)ViewThis poly resin ornament is a very light colour making a small aquarium or bi-orb nice and bright.Sandstone RingsSandstone RingsRRP: £14.99Our price: £10.75You save: £4.24 (28%)ViewPretty light coloured ornament. perfect for bi-orbs or small aquariums. Tower and BonsaiTower and BonsaiRRP: £21.95Our price: £15.50You save: £6.45 (29%)ViewPretty little ornament with Bonsai climber, suitable for aquarium or Bi-orbs.Wood GardenWood GardenRRP: £15.99Our price: £11.99You save: £4.00 (25%)ViewA lovely decoration for your aquarium, either for small fish or plecs, catfish or frogs. 
Wooden Bridge with PlantsWooden Bridge with PlantsRRP: £26.05Our price: £19.25You save: £6.80 (26%)ViewA really pretty ornament which gives your fish, frogs, ect. to swim over, under, or use as a hideaway. Wooden House with PlantsWooden House with PlantsRRP: £12.25Our price: £8.99You save: £3.26 (27%)ViewA pretty ornament with a look of village life, made from poly resin with non toxic paints.
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