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AquaOne External Filter RangeAquaOne External Filter RangeRRP: £166.99Our price: From £69.99You save: £97.00 (58%)ViewThese externals come with media and hosingAquaone Maxi Internal Filter RangeAquaone Maxi Internal Filter RangeRRP: £31.99Our price: From £11.99You save: £20.00 (63%)ViewProven reliabilty and silent runningAquaOne Ocellaris External Filter RangeAquaOne Ocellaris External Filter RangeRRP: £44.99Our price: From £40.48You save: £4.51 (10%)View. Eheim Ecco ProEheim Ecco ProOur price: From £76.00ViewEnergy Saving Filter power consumption only 5w to 8w!
Eheim Pickup Internal Filter RangeEheim Pickup Internal Filter RangeRRP: £24.99Our price: From £22.99You save: £2.00 (8%)View The EHEIM pickup is a small practical filter with a special concept The filter is simple to attach in the tank with suction cups. The special thing about the concept of the pickup is that the filter canister together with its cartridge can be removed from above, while the pump unit remains in the tank. This is a very practical solution for cleaning or changing the filter cartridge. The pump sucks in the water from below and carries it through the filter cartridge to the top. Here the filtered water is directed back into the tank via the rotatable outlet nozzle.  Fluval 06 range filtersFluval 06 range filtersOur price: From £78.74ViewThe 06 range has a multistage filtration system that utilises the entire canister volume for radical increased water flow efficiency. The filter also comes with an instruction DVD for easy setup.fluval fx 4fluval fx 4RRP: £259.99Our price: £179.99You save: £80.00 (31%)View Building on the mighty FX performance and reliability platform, the all-new FX4 high performance canister filter is a compact 'little brother' to the FX6. The FX4 bridges the gap between the Fluval 406 and the FX6 canister filter, making it an ideal choice for aquariums up to 1000 L fluval fx6fluval fx6Our price: £239.99ViewThe beast of fluval external filters! Capable on filtering 1500ltrs
Fluval U Series Filter RangeFluval U Series Filter RangeOur price: From £25.99ViewThe U series is a benchmark in internal filtration with a three-stage filtration and easy replacement cartridges by a flip-flop lid.
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