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Equipment | Heating and chilling

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Aquaone Glass HeaterAquaone Glass HeaterRRP: £23.49Our price: £14.99You save: £8.50 (36%)ViewCompletely submersible with double insulationAquaone thermosafeAquaone thermosafeRRP: £32.99Our price: £15.99You save: £17.00 (52%)View Shatter resistant quartz glass will with stand sudden extreme temperature changes. Features microchip controlled thermal cut off.  Betta HeatersBetta HeatersRRP: £20.99Our price: £10.99You save: £10.00 (48%)ViewA budget heater that can be used as the main heater or backupFluval E series heatersFluval E series heatersOur price: From £22.95ViewThe E series heaters are one of the most technologically advanced heaters. The LCD screen gives peace of mind by displaying real-time water temperatures with the colour turning from safe green to either blue or red when temperatures fall or rise from a preset value. The heater also comes with a guard to protect both the heater from breakage and the fish harming themselves by lying near the heater.
interpet Deltatherminterpet DeltathermRRP: £22.99Our price: £13.95You save: £9.04 (39%)ViewJager (eheim) HeatersJager (eheim) HeatersRRP: £22.50Our price: From £15.99You save: £6.51 (29%)ViewThe Jager heaters are known for being very reliable heaters, We sell 6 models however a 75w and 250w are also available by special orderJuwel HeatersJuwel HeatersRRP: £29.95Our price: £23.96You save: £5.99 (20%)ViewMarina unbreakable heatersMarina unbreakable heatersRRP: £18.99Our price: £10.99You save: £8.00 (42%)ViewPerfect for small aquariums will heat the water 7f above ambient room temp
Tetra tec HeatersTetra tec HeatersRRP: £20.00Our price: From £14.00You save: £6.00 (30%)ViewTetra Tec Heater come with an extra long cord 1.6m
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