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Esha 2000 20mlEsha 2000 20mlOur price: £5.99View Esha 2000 treats fungal, bacterial, and parasite infections, neon tetra disease, fin rot and body rot. Can be used in tropical or cold water aquaria.Esha Exit 20mlEsha Exit 20mlOur price: £4.99ViewExit is an effective treatment on whitespot and velvet.Esha Hexamita 20mlEsha Hexamita 20mlOur price: £8.05View Hexamita combats bacterial infections in Discus and other Cichlids, such as hole in the head and fungal infections.Esha Oodinex 20mlEsha Oodinex 20mlOur price: £6.99View Oodinex is a wide range bacterial treatment for the seawater aquarium which is completely safe for invertebrates
Waterlife Cuprazin 500mlWaterlife Cuprazin 500mlRRP: £18.99Our price: £14.95You save: £4.04 (21%)ViewCuprazin is used for whitespot, oodinium, trichodina,benedenia, and fungal infections in seawater aquariums must NOT be used in an invertebrate tank. Waterlife Myxazin 500mlWaterlife Myxazin 500mlRRP: £18.99Our price: £14.95You save: £4.04 (21%)View Myxazin is used to treat, fin rot, body rot, ulcers,sores and other bacterial infections, Can also help with cloudy eyes, pop eye and mouth fungus.Waterlife Octozin 80 tabletsWaterlife Octozin 80 tabletsRRP: £14.99Our price: £11.99You save: £3.00 (20%)View Octozin is used for Hole in the Head, Malawi disease, Dropsy, seawate angel disease and seawater clown fish. Can also be used for whitespot in reef aquaria.Waterlife Protozin 500mlWaterlife Protozin 500mlRRP: £18.99Our price: £14.95You save: £4.04 (21%)View Protozin is used for the control of, whitespot, fungus, neon tetra disease, velvet, trichodiniasis and costiasis.
Waterlife Sterazin 500mlWaterlife Sterazin 500mlRRP: £18.99Our price: £14.95You save: £4.04 (21%)View Sterazin is used for gill and body parasites which cause fish to flick when no symptoms are visable. Sterazin will also control tape worm, thread worm and round worm.
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