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10" Tube Gravel Cleaner10" Tube Gravel CleanerOur price: £9.99View Removes the waste from your gravel whilst doing a water change.24" Tube Gravel Cleaner24" Tube Gravel CleanerOur price: £14.99View Send in the big boys, this gravel cleaner will make short work of cleaning and water changes in the big aquarium.5" Tube Gravel Cleaner5" Tube Gravel CleanerOur price: £5.99ViewCleans your gravel of waste9" Tube Gravel Cleaner9" Tube Gravel CleanerOur price: £8.99View Cleans the waste from your gravel in your aquarium
9/16 Gravel Cleaner9/16 Gravel CleanerOur price: £4.99View 9/16 Extendable tube Gravel Cleaner removes waste from the gravel in your aquarium.Brush SetBrush SetOur price: £5.75ViewThis brush set comes with three brushes for cleaning hosing and impellors in various equipmenteasy siphoneasy siphonOur price: £4.99ViewEasy siphon hose, just squeeze the ball and it self starts its self .Eheim Quick Vac.Eheim Quick Vac.Our price: £51.99ViewDescription:With its balanced efficiency, the battery-operated EHEIM sludge extractor is the perfect helper for keeping the aquarium floor clean. It is designed so that the top layer of dirt which often looks unsightly is removed without swirling the floor bottom too much and disturbing its balance.
Flipper nanoFlipper nanoOur price: £31.99ViewFlipper stdFlipper stdOur price: £51.99ViewFluval 3 in1 waste remover/ Feeder 43cmFluval 3 in1 waste remover/ Feeder 43cmOur price: £5.29View Fluvals 3 in 1 Fluval algae scrubFluval algae scrubOur price: From £4.59ViewThese scrapers are perfect for those who don't want to get their hands wet. Their unique design helps to get better control of the brush and is suitable for glass or acrylic.
Fluval ProvacFluval ProvacOur price: £43.99View Mag-Float LargeMag-Float LargeOur price: £22.99View Super easy to use to clean the glass of your aquarium. One part of the magnet is inside the glass and the other outside, if it gets separated it floats back to the other part, no need to put your hands in the water.Mag-Float MediumMag-Float MediumOur price: £13.40View Magnet can be left attached to the aquarium. Easy to use, everyone has a shot so your aquarium will always look spotless. Floats back together if separated. Use this size for the medium sized aquariums.Mag-Float SmallMag-Float SmallOur price: £7.79View This small magnet is used to keep the glass clean on all small aquariums, so easy to use, just glide up and down the glass to remove any algae ect. If separated it will go back together.
Python 7.5m no spillPython 7.5m no spillOur price: £67.99ViewThis fantastic product does away with needing any extra hosing or buckets!Simply attached to your Tap and off you go!The only complete water changer AND gravel cleaner!Scrub 'N' CleanScrub 'N' CleanOur price: £3.99View Long lasting, non toxic, making cleaning easy, only suitable for glass will scratch acrylic.Tetra Tec easy wipesTetra Tec easy wipesOur price: £3.35ViewThese wipes are safe to use inside and out the aquarium. Removes algae and limescale. Suitable for tropical, goldfish and marine aquariums. Can also be used for cleaning filters and heaters.TOM MULTI FUNCTION SCRAPER 22"TOM MULTI FUNCTION SCRAPER 22"Our price: £9.95ViewThis scraper is made for deep aquariums and is 22" long. It comes complete with quick change between
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