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9"gravel cleaner9"gravel cleanerRRP: £11.99Our price: £7.99You save: £4.00 (33%)ViewCleans your gravel of wasteBrush SetBrush SetOur price: £5.75ViewThis brush set comes with three brushes for cleaning hosing and impellors in various equipmentDelux algae cleanerDelux algae cleanerRRP: £7.19Our price: £4.99You save: £2.20 (31%)ViewThe deluxe algae cleaner makes light work of algae on the glass of your aquarium easy siphoneasy siphonOur price: £4.99View
Fluval 3 in1 waste remover/ Feeder 43cmFluval 3 in1 waste remover/ Feeder 43cmOur price: £5.29View Fluvals 3 in 1 Fluval algae scrubFluval algae scrubOur price: From £4.59ViewThese scrapers are perfect for those who don't want to get their hands wet. Their unique design helps to get better control of the brush and is suitable for glass or acrylic.Fluval aquarium glass cleaning kitFluval aquarium glass cleaning kitOur price: £5.95ViewThis kit has it all! Not only does it boast a pivoting head for flexible cleaning, it also comes with three algae removal parts. The scraper comes with a flat cleaning pad for average algae removal, a corner cleaning pad to aid the removal of algae on corners, and a scraper for removing any stubborn hard algae.Gravel CleanerGravel CleanerRRP: £12.15Our price: £6.50You save: £5.65 (47%)ViewThe gravel cleaner helps to keep the gravel clean which stops unnecessary odors in the aquarium. This Gravel Cleaner has a easy start function by the lifting it up and down in the water avoiding any mouthfuls of water! It also features a bucket clip saying your back from leaning over the bucket to make sure the hose doesn't fall out.
MirageMirageOur price: £12.99ViewCant get rid of those horrible streaks, finger prints and whatever else on the front of your aquarium?Python 7.5m no spillPython 7.5m no spillOur price: £52.99ViewThis fantastic product does away with needing any extra hosing or buckets!Simply attached to your Tap and off you go!The only complete water changer AND gravel cleaner!Reef coral feeder 542Reef coral feeder 542Our price: £5.49View Tmc Reef Feeder 542mm is excellent for feeding coral directly or helping to brush off debris far down in the tank!Tetra Tec BiofoamTetra Tec BiofoamOur price: From £6.90ViewHigh surface area to support growth of beneficial bacteria. Removes medium-size particles from the water.
Tetra Tec easy wipesTetra Tec easy wipesOur price: £3.35ViewThese wipes are safe to use inside and out the aquarium. Removes algae and limescale. Suitable for tropical, goldfish and marine aquariums. Can also be used for cleaning filters and heaters.TOM MULTI FUNCTION SCRAPPER 22"TOM MULTI FUNCTION SCRAPPER 22"RRP: £13.30Our price: £9.95You save: £3.35 (25%)ViewThis scapper is made for deep aquariums and is 22" long. It comes complete with quick change between
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